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FNIS Group Insurance Association Plan
Basic Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Insurance which insures an insured employee in the event of their accidental death or loss or loss of use of one or more bodily members as a result of an accident as stated in the employer contract (ie. both hands, both feet, the sight of both eyes, etc). If the insured employee dies as a result of an accident, subject to conditions and/or exclusions of the contract, the insurer agrees to pay the stated sum to the insured employee's beneficiary(s). If the insured employee is accidentally dismembered or suffers loss of use of bodily members described in the contract the insurer agrees to pay insured employee according to the Table of Losses, subject to policy conditions, maximums and exclusions described in the contract. The insurer for the Basic and Voluntary AD&D benefit for the FNIS Association Plan is RBC Life Insurance Company. The levels of coverage available under the FNIS Association plan includes equal to life (2, 2.5 and 3 times annual earnings), a flat $50,000 or a flat $100,000.


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