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Forms & Downloads - Great West Life Printable Forms
Great West Life Printable Forms
Great West Life Pension Plans

Application for membership in a RPP/SPP - plan does allow for spousals
This must be completed before the eligibility date by each person wishing to join the plan.
For spousal RSP's, the spouse receiving the contributions is considered the applicant
and must complete this form. A spouse may also apply for a personal RSP in the event that
they wish to make their own contributions. Whether applying for a spousal, a personal or
both, only one application is required. If a spouse applies for both, they will always receive
combined statement information. Download Form

Member Investment Instructions
This is completed by a member when the employer/plan sponsor has given the member
investment control, and the member wishes to change investment instructions for new
contributions or maturing guaranteed investment funds. This form is also to be used where
the member wishes to transfer existing assets between funds. Download Form

Change of Member Information
This is to be completed when any of the following information changes for a member -
member name, beneficiary name (not to change your beneficiary or to designate a
beneficiary, but simply if the beneficiary's name has changed for example due to marriage),
member address, member province of employment (RPP), member spousal information (RPP).
Download Form

Designation of Revocable Beneficiary/Trustee Appointment
This is completed by a member wishing to change a beneficiary (primary or contingent) or
to appoint or change a trustee. Download Form

Addendum to Revocable Beneficiary/Trustee Appointment
This form is to be used for situations where a member wants to add more beneficiaries than
what the application form or the Beneficiary Designation form can accommodate. It must be clear
that the Addendum is linked to the Application or the Beneficiary Designation form by indicating
the date of signature on either the member application or the existing Beneficiary designation.

Download Form

Request for Member Withdrawal
This from is to be used only if a member wishes to withdraw voluntary funds from their RPP,
if allowed under plan specifications. A fee may apply. Download Form

Notice of Member Termination
To be used when a member retires or terminates. Download Form

Notice of Death Claimant's Form
To be used when a member dies. Download Form


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